Huntsville Alabama- Kirsten's Senior Pictures

This past week I made my way down to Alabama to shoot my sisters senior pictures. While we bounced ideas back and forth there was one resounding notion that we were sure we didn't want the photos to be traditional. It rained the entire week I was in town. Kirsten had taken the whole week just to be safe. We ended up shooting over the span of two days whenever there was a gap in the rainfall to allow us to do so. 

We shot downtown Huntsville at the Depot, and at Big Spring Park. Then finally we shot in a neighborhood called Knox Creek and then over to Toney, Alabama to shoot in a friends barn. We added personal touches and made sure things that were important to her life were included.  The biggest importance was that we include our brother somehow and do it tastefully. Here are some of the images.

The last image has nothing to do with our shoot but it was funny all the same. I thought it was a relative image. Anyone who lives in the area has had at least on sneaking out or sneaking in story. In reality she is breaking into her grandmothers home to let my daughter use the restroom. I just couldn't not take a picture.