Crissy Kay at Belmont Park

So I know I said I would take the year "off" and concentrate on my family and household, but its really hard and actually sucky for depression. I really enjoy working, and while I am not "actively working," I still very truly have the need to be photographing. While many of my images this year will no doubt be my family, I will sporadically be working with models, festivals and musicians. #sorrynotsorry

Crissy Kay is the first San Diego model I have had the opportunity to shoot with. I took three cameras, which I know is excessive but I had like half a roll in two cameras that I needed to shoot off before being able to use the film that I planned to use. Everything was really low-key. I rented  few dresses from Rent the Runway, had Crissy bring some sneakers, and she found a long board online because nothing I love more than a good juxtaposition.


The roll I needed to "finish off" before I could free the Nikon up again was a mystery roll I received in a grab bag from from none of my film friends were 100% clear we all had many guesses that it was a test film. Image were shot on Nikon F100 at Iso 200 and 100 (we were unsure of the film speed and it didn't automatically pick up. If anyone is interested, I may do a separate post with all the results)


It was also my first time shooting the Canon Elan IIe. I used a basic 50mm lens with TMAX 400 and had it pushed one stop. I had mostly shot family on this roll but had some frames to spare.


Lastly shooting Lomography 100 on the Nikon F100. Developed and standard scans by Nelson Photo in San Diego. A little excited to have one hour photo since I have yet to set up my scanner. 

84380008 (2).jpg

*shrug emoji* Lomo 100 is one of my favorite films. Its something I haven't heard anyone say but I'll say it.