Garner Wedding - Silt, Co.

Recently I had the pleasure to be a part of a wedding that not only was a testament of love and family but also afforded me with a lot of new experiences. David and Lanette were married on a family ranch in the high desert of Silt, Colorado. After an odd morning of rain, the clouds and sky cleared for a bright and sunny, field ceremony followed by a flatbed ride over to the barn where the real celebration was to be had. 


Friends and family all pitched in on the little details to ensure that the Garner wedding was special and went smoothly. Most people will tell you a DIY wedding is no small feat, but when you have an army it certainly helps. 

The midday sun beamed down after heavy morning showers. The mud dried before the high desert ceremony. Friends and family gathered in the field to watch the union of love and commitment.


As a photographer and generally fun loving person, the reception is always my favorite part. After the ceremony we head down to the barn, where friends and family have worked together to cover the cake, catering, decorating and entertainment. Now to say this is one of the most fun and interesting wedding I’ve attended would be an understatement. At some point in the evening, I may have been coaxed into dancing and barreling riding. I failed at both with a hilarious quickness and am thankful the photos of that reside soundly on my personal phone.


Thank you so much to the Garner family for letting me be a part of their celebration of love. Congratulations to the happy couple.