New Double Exposures

So before leaving moving from Beaufort, I got one last chance to shoot a couple of my favorite models in Savannah, Ga.

That shoot was in December and I had solicited them on the basis of most shooting film for me to experiment with more double exposure in a style that is not my typical. Generally when I do doubles I rely on silhouettes to create black or unexposed area, and then after shooting the whole roll with the model I will retrieve my film lead and shoot the whole roll with botanical of a light/ bright color. 

This time I wanted to rely on the color black. One model has black hair and the other black clothing. So the intention was for the floral patterns to appear on the clothing and hair. 

So some of the images came out as planned. But we were also dealing with a changing lighting situation. Most of the time was overcast which is fantastic but other times we had full sun for a few seconds with bright shadows which COULD turn our cool or overcrowded.  

Lastly I experimented with shooting other things and orientations which can lead to a lot of unpredictability.  I like unpredictability. 

Because I use a camera that has both auto- advancing and auto rewinding, there isn't too much planning as far a imagery is concerned. I have an idea of what was on one roll, and many moths later, when I get around to the second set of images chance are I have forgot poses or orientations. So for best luck I have to think of it as would the two images be good photos separately?

Here are some of my favorites:

Thank you to models Vy Dang and Jacqueline Harbin in Savanna, GA.