Elysium Marketing Group

Recently I was really excited to book my first double exposure commission. The job took me up to the suburbs of Philadelphia where I got the chance to work with an all female marketing team. Elyse, the president and founder, reached out to me after previewing my website. She had the amazing idea for the team page of her site.    


She had the idea for basic head shots, with edits in black and white and in color, and when you click on an image of a team member the image of the double exposure would show up along with the member bio underneath. 

I loved the idea! 

Armed with my Canon 6D and my Nikon F100 and two rolls of Portra 400, I sat out to do my best to make this happen. 

As I do all my double exposures "whole roll" style, we shot our digital images first, toward the end of the digital session, I switched cameras and got the portrait layer on the film. After our portrait layers were shoot on the Portra, I struggled a bit with my film leader and then each team member curated a grouping of things they identified with and we shot the second layers. 

The items ranged from sports memorabilia to art supplies. 

Here are some of my favorites:


I strongly suggest going over to the Elysium Marketing Group website to check out their head shots, favorite images and learn more about their awesome team of women!