Ektachrome Xpro with Samantha - Cabrillo

So… shooting my first roll of Ektachrome in a while and I messed it up. Honestly this year I’ve made a lot of rookie mistakes. I would like to blame it on shooting digital more and being careless but it honestly just the latter. I felt like I had royally over exposed my slide and was reading all the pushing and pulling debates when my friend over at Old School Photo Lab suggested that I cross process it. I hadn’t cross processed anything in a long time, I remember using Crossbird and not caring for the results.

That being said, I drop my roll of at my local lab that generally does one-hour C-41 service… and while waiting I was pretty damn nervous but over all I was surprisingly happy with the results.


I was honestly expecting unusable images, wacky colors, warm tones, etc (cool tones are generally my jam). And while its true, those are the results, I feel it wasn’t too overwhelming to “ruin” the images. As one of my IG buddies stated its very “hipster” which may be both offensive and true. Still not mad.


So I did bring these into LR to straighten some of the horizons and make the files smaller for site and something I never do but was curious about was how they convert to BNW, and we are talking simple conversions no teaks or pre-sets, but the tones and contrasts actually convert really well. Which makes me think if I were to do this gain, say for a campaign or something I may very well do the thing I hate and “edit my film”, still waiting for one of you to @me with a JUST SHOOT BLACK AND WHITE… *shrug emoji*