Lomochrome Purple Holidaze with Emilia

and Fuji Superia, too.

Left: Fuji Superia 400 shot on Canon K2.

Right: Lomochrome Purple on Nikon F100

Last December I invited my friend Emilia up to Frederick, MD for some quirky holiday themed images for testing my first roll of Lomochrome Purple. I didn’t get my film scans back until it was practically too late to share. So I figure Id share some of my favorite images and show you the color difference. I’ll start off with the Fuji.


The two frames were taking back to back and I couldn’t tell you what I did to get the inconsistency in color other than changing the aperture.

Looking back I see a few things I would do differently, mostly the backdrop, I have seen beautiful results outside among the greenery and getting the fun color shift. I do however like the near blood reds the film produces, if I were into gore or horror type work, this would be a fun film to experiment with. Also can we just take a moment and appreciate the under appreciated Fuji Superia 400. One of the easiest films to come by ( I think I snagged these at a Walmart in Alabama for $2.50/roll) and sure there is some warmth to the skin tones during low natural light; it looks really great with on-camera flash.

Conclusion here is mostly that I have these images on my computer and I needed to share them somewhere other than instagram.

Happy Holidays fam.