San Diego Womens March 2019- Ilford Pan F 50

The six you like…


So this was my first time shooting Pan F, this roll has probably been sitting in a shoe box for 3-5 years. I just didn’t know what to use it for or when. I figure the harsh light could make for nice shadows. Shooting marches in midday sun is already a challenge, trying to find natural reflectors or shooting with moderate back light. Its really easy to not get the exposure right especially in the heat of a moment with constant changes. The slow down method isn’t really always an option. I’ve included “my six” above, but also included a variety of other images, some poor composition and less great metering for range purposes. See also: journalism purposes

Camera: Nikon F100

Developed: The Darkroom

Scans: @nictone

Event: San Diego Women’s March