Comic-Con Cosplay Battle at Urban Mo's

So I finally made it out to my first San Diego drag/variety show. I can't believe it took nearly six months. Of course this comes the weekend of Comic-con. Cosplay and advertisements have taken over the city! Events fill the weekend, including this cover charge- free show with a costume contest to win $500. The contestants went hard not only on their costumes but also their dance moves. Death drops, flips, wigs...gone... after all $500 was up for grabs! And the show was phenomenal. I will throw 10 of my favorite shots here, as always the full album is on FB: Starla Dawn Photo. 


Thank you to all the performers and contestants for letting me flash your eyes and put my caera in your face. 

Betty & Whiskey Present: Variete 5

This past weekend I was invited to photograph a variety event of burlesque and drag performances in Baltimore at The Crown. Forever grateful to the performers for letting me hangout in the green room and capture preparations before the show. As always here are a few of my favorite shots from the evening. 

A Special thank you to Whiskey Joy, Betty O'Hellno, E-Cleff, Shaunda Leer, and Maria Bella.