Germantown, Maryland- Ellen (Musician)

Yesterday I had the pleasure to finally work with my husbands cousin Ellen. Ellen is a talented young girl with a passion for music and production. She is embarking on her senior year and has decided to hit the studio for her first time to record her first album. 

We got together with the words -innocent and beauty- in mind for the album cover shot. No word as to which image will make the cover but I posted my favorite 10 below. Ellen hits the studio in a couple of weeks and we want to take this time to wish her luck, but who needs luck when you have skills?

Washington D.C.- Independence Day Parade

On Saturday my family and I hopped the Metro and headed into the city for the Independence Day festivities and while I won't go into the soggy details, I wanted to share my favorite shots of the fashions and fun of the parade. Luckily for everyone the rain took a break for the parade. 



The Mall In Columbia with Candice & Ava

The military lifestyle has some benefits. One benefit being that it can make the world seem like a much smaller place.  You meet so many people and are shuffled around so often you are bound to meet again.  Thanks to one of my friends I met while modeling in Savannah Ga (because my husband was stationed in SC), I got to meet Candice and her daughter Ava. 

Candice is also in the military. Right now her husband is working over seas while she is stateside. 

She asked if we could get together and shoot the two of them for her husband as a Fathers Day gift. This was special to me because I did the same thing for my husband was he was deployed. 

We started at Wilde Lake park.

So when asked what mother and daughter enjoying doing together, the answer was shopping! I remembered a mall that had a carousel that I had visited a few weeks prior that I thought could be a lot of fun. To the mall!

It was fun getting to hang with these girls! They know how to have a good time, and do it in style.