Glitterball- NYE in Baltimore

Sadly the Glitterball would be the last drag show I photographed before leaving the east coast. Got to see my friend and amazing queen Baby co-host a show with Venus. It was a fantastic show in a small Italian venue. The five queens gathered in a tight bathroom for a dressing room, proving something we have always known and that is, the glamorous side of show biz is often created in the least glamorous places. Or that glamour is a state of being, not so much a lifestyle to be obtained. 


From small bathrooms to large stages, and if there are no stages we will make our own. The thing I learned about Baltimore is a show can happen anywhere, I also should have learned this in my fashion show days. A restaurant, a bar, a night club are all fine stages so long as the crowd came to have a good time and be entertained. 

And entertained they were. 

These bitches swang from chandeliers, dropped splits on the concrete floor, and gave strip teases to resurrect, give you life and then slay. you. again. 


The real reason I fell in love with Baltimore Drag and Burlesque and really all things Baltimore Variety is really at the heart of what I consider Baltimore. Its gritty, and dirty, fabulous and flirty, raw sexuality and political commentary. There is always something new to be seen, new song to be heard, a new way to perform a routine, another envelope to be pushed. 

Thumbing through 2017s photos of performances, I know one thing: I will be back. 

And as if Baltimore needs any help being gritty, I will bring along a disposable camera to provide pop flash and 90s nostalgia. 


You can probably hear my heart-break and mourning in my words. San Diego is truly beautiful, but I haven't been here long enough to meet "my people" yet and there is something about Baltimore that made me feel like "these are my people" with almost everyone I got the chance to meet. The blood through that town is dark and riddled with history that hurts and the life is creative and bent on creating a new history that heals. 

So blessed to have rang in the new year, watching these creative do their thing. 


Elysium Marketing Group

Recently I was really excited to book my first double exposure commission. The job took me up to the suburbs of Philadelphia where I got the chance to work with an all female marketing team. Elyse, the president and founder, reached out to me after previewing my website. She had the amazing idea for the team page of her site.    


She had the idea for basic head shots, with edits in black and white and in color, and when you click on an image of a team member the image of the double exposure would show up along with the member bio underneath. 

I loved the idea! 

Armed with my Canon 6D and my Nikon F100 and two rolls of Portra 400, I sat out to do my best to make this happen. 

As I do all my double exposures "whole roll" style, we shot our digital images first, toward the end of the digital session, I switched cameras and got the portrait layer on the film. After our portrait layers were shoot on the Portra, I struggled a bit with my film leader and then each team member curated a grouping of things they identified with and we shot the second layers. 

The items ranged from sports memorabilia to art supplies. 

Here are some of my favorites:


I strongly suggest going over to the Elysium Marketing Group website to check out their head shots, favorite images and learn more about their awesome team of women! 



First Annual Baltimore Drag Awards

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to cover the first Baltimore Drag Awards. I was both excited and nervous because I didn't really know what to expect. It was my first time photographing a red carpet/ step and repeat set up. I like to think I operate best as an observer, but with so many beautiful queens, and entertainers its was pretty hard to end  up with a bad photo. Everyone was so elegant and simultaneously humorous.

I pulled a few on my favorite images both from the red carpet and the show. As always with events like this you can find the full album on facebook.   

Femme Fatale DC opens a Pop-Up Store

Thursday night I had the honor to attend the Femme Fatale DC Pop-Up opening party as a special guest. I brought my camera along because....well, its me. I love going to the Femme Fatale DC events because like the opening party, many of the events are female only. Like the events the store represents female artists, and business owners from/in the District. The pop up is open Thursday-Sunday until July 30!

While I was there as an attendee, I of course took that as an opportunity for candid shots. Catching pretty faces in the crowd and a couple details, and portraits as well. 


Betty & Whiskey Present: Variete 5

This past weekend I was invited to photograph a variety event of burlesque and drag performances in Baltimore at The Crown. Forever grateful to the performers for letting me hangout in the green room and capture preparations before the show. As always here are a few of my favorite shots from the evening. 

A Special thank you to Whiskey Joy, Betty O'Hellno, E-Cleff, Shaunda Leer, and Maria Bella. 


Pet Portrait Session with Mai-ly

A couple of months back I met makeup artist and animal lover Mai-ly  through makeup artist pal, Rachel Lane.  In two different sessions we shot her with her pet guinea pig Sweet Pea, and then her with her ball python Mowgli. The first shoot was around Halloween time and was a basic natural light portrait session but at some point I learned that guinea pig costumes are a thing. The second shoot was about two weeks ago and we did a pet portrait session but emphasized on body-positivity. 

No worries, no pets were harmed or stressed during either session. 

Fall Maternity Session- Susquehannock State Park

A few weeks back I was stoked to hop in the car for a quick day trip to Pennsylvania to be with family friends, The Zook's. We had met the family when we lived in South Carolina, and shortly after they moved north, we followed. We get together from time-to-time to celebrate birthdays and just kind of make it through this life. So when Tahlor (mom of three) was soon to become mom of four, I was really excited she had asked me to shoot her maternity photos. They had gone location scouting a few weeks before and stumbled upon this beautiful waterfall right off of the Susquehanna River. This became the perfect autumn backdrop for our session.

Now as Tahlor approaches her due date, we send a warm congrats to her expanding family. We look forward to meeting the new baby girl! 

Thirsty? Baltimore Craft Beer Festival 2016

This past weekend I had the opportunity to cover the Baltimore Craft Beer Festival. The festival boasted some 40+ Maryland breweries with over 100 beers to sample.  With that much tap action, it's no wonder I left the festival with a surplus of sexy pour snaps. 

A bottle pour, and a pumpkin pour for good measure. I don't know what kinda pour you're into. No judgement. 

But really I had such a blast at Baltimore Craft Beer Festival, hoping to go back next year and hoping to see you there!  

You can see these and other images from the festival on facebook

Bryan Tarka at Lincoln Memorial

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity (thanks again Instagram connections) to shoot my first fashion style drag portrait session at the Lincoln memorial.  Life would have it be so that my camera and flash aren't communicating during a night shoot but Bryan was such a good sport. We shot mostly with available light using the shape of his gown and silhouette to compliment the architecture.

The available light added some drama and mystery to the shoot as well as kept a vintage feel. With the wardrobe it felt very old Hollywood/ Red Carpet.

Megan at Sugarloaf Mountain- MD

Megan is a senior with just a few weeks left before graduation. On Friday, she went to her senior prom in what has to be one of the most gorgeous dresses, ever. She met up with me on Sunday for a post prom shoot. Prom pictures are great and everything but they aren't as fashion forward as this dress deserves. When we met up she brought along a second vintage dress that she had found recently. Seriously, slay is the only word that comes to mind.  

Congratulations on graduation Megan! #Classof2016

Washington, D.C. with Paige

Paige is a D.C. native currently in school for Epidemiology. Being a college student with two jobs, and a boyfriend, very surprised she had time after work to go on a photo adventure.  We met up at the metro station in Fairfax and went to Union Market for waffles and then back home. Here are a few snaps of our adventures. 

Shamrock Fest 2016

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to shoot my first festival, I wanted to share some of my favorite moments or highlights. 

Hand Rolled Cigars

There were many cigar vendors at Shamrock Fest but I got to spend time with one in particular by the name of Castaneda Cigars. I watched him take a tobacco leaf  and turn it into a cigar. The whole process was beautiful and you can see he really enjoyed the art of making them. 

You can see more images from the process and the other series I will share her in the album on Facebook.


The Music

It's no secret that I love the artistry of music and generally speaking music is what drives my fashion and personal projects. I have a few musician friends who I have taken photos of but nothing on a festival scale so I appreciated the challenge that came from the experience and I learned a few things... like how I need new glass if I am going to continue to do this. But here are some stage shots from a few performances from Shamrock Fest, again more on the FB album.


But seriously my favorite part was 100%....

The Audience

To see all the different forms of human emotion in one place... of course that would have to be at a music festival. And again the FB link above has more images, these are just a few faves.

So much to see. 

Until next time! 

Makeup Artist Rachel Lane

It's pretty cool how the first makeup artist I started following when I moved to the DC area now only lives 10 minutes from me! I was very pleased when  Rachel Lane agreed  to come help me test lighting in my new "studio" space.  Really it's just our guestroom/ my office with a single window and no overhead lights. But we did a lot with a little space. 

Even when my cat crashed our shoot, she rolled with the punches. Honored to be working with Rachel on a few upcoming projects. Keep your eyes peeled and check out her work in the link at the top of the page. 

Caroline in DC

I love it when friends from the low country contact me when they roll through DC. Especially beautiful models like Halo Models and Talent's (Savannah, GA) Caroline Molloy.  We got together with make up artist Rachel Lane and stylist Casandra of speak vintage to make some edgy imagery. While the styling centered around vintage attire we wanted the images to feel very L.A. meets D.C. with the modern edge. 

We played around on the rooftop at Vintage Vagabond Wardrobe House.